RACES All races are affected by radiation differently. The scale is 1-7. 1 being low radiation resistance and 7 being high radiation resistance. All magic goes off of mana. Everyone is born with 10 mana, but you must take an ability to use it.

[[File:588876  | class=media-item-align-none | Draconis.jpg]]
The disgraced: HP 9 / STR: 9/ INT: 8/ DEX: 13 / END: 11 (Rad resistance: 5)
Movement Speed: 7/speaks common and ??

Natural defenses (level 1): All reptiles blood is poisonous . They are now immune to other poisons. If poisoned they now heal X amount of HP equal to the amount of poison, instead of taking the damage. (They are unable to poison themselves with their own blood.)

[[File:588877  | class=media-item-align-none | amphibious1.jpg]]
Muck dwellers HP 8 / STR: 11 / INT: 10 / DEX: 11 / END: 10 (Rad resistance: 6)
Movement Speed: 8/Speaks common and

Aquatic Warrior (Level 1):This race takes no penalty when fighting in water, Can breath underwater, their MS is doubled in the water/heavy rain, and take 1/2 damage from fire damage.

[[File:588878  | class=media-item-align-none | ghoul.jpg]]
Ghouls HP 8 / STR: 8 / INT: 13 / DEX: 8 / END: 13 (Rad resistance: 2)
Movement Speed: 5/Speaks common and

Son of Atom (Level 1):Due to long exposure to radiation this race is immune to radiation poisoning. When in an area that has a radiation level over their natural resistance they gain the difference to their AC.

[[File:588879  | class=media-item-align-none | synth.jpg]]
Metal Men HP 12 / STR: 12 / INT: 12 / DEX: 12 / END: 12 (Rad resistance: N/A)
Movement Speed: 7/Speaks common and ??

Mechina:This race cannot wear armor. Can upgrade AC by adding metal to their body. They can breath underwater and in areas with no oxygen. They are immune to all gasses/poisons, and takes double damage from electric based attacks. They are too heavy to swim and can never learn how to do magic

[[File:588880  | class=media-item-align-none | shadow.jpg]]
Shadowhunters HP 12 / STR: 12 / INT: 11 / DEX: 14 / END: 11 (Rad resistance: 4)
Movement Speed: 8/Speaks common and

Apex PredatorThis race takes no penalty when climbing on walls or ceilings, can breath underwater, and gains the ability Acid blood. (Cannot do magic or be healed unless it drinks it's own blood)
Acid blood Anytime this race is hit with a melee attack the attacker must make a DEX check(15 or higher) to avoid taking 1D6 acid damage.
(Neither abilities can be upgraded.)

[[File:588881  | class=media-item-align-none | overgrowth.jpg]]
Overgrowth HP 10 / STR: 12 / INT: 10 / DEX: 8 / END: 10 (Rad resistance: 5)
Movement Speed: 5/Speaks common and

Regenerate (Level 1):If hurt this race gains 1D4 health back at the end of their turn. They take no damage from electric based attacks, but double from fire based. this race can alter their body's shape. When doing so it exhausts the user. Body morphing goes off and energy scale that is similar to the mana scale.


Each player gains the following stat increases based on their class at level 1 and multiples of 20 (20,40,60,etc).

Lurkers (spy, assassin, etc): + 1 Dex and + 1 INT/DEX
Justicars(Warden): + 2 strength and + 3 HP
Outlanders(Pirates, bandits): + 1 Dexterity + 1 strength
Engineer/Scrapper: + 1 Intelligence + 1 Strength
The chosen(Mage, shaman,necromancer, priest ):+ 2 INT 
Fisticuffs(Prize fighter Martial Artist): + 1 STR and + 1 END + 2HP
Brutes(Barbarian): + 2 STR and + 5 HP
Greenseeker(sage): + 1 INT, + 1 Dex, 
Animalistic: 1 INT, + 1 END, and + 2 HP
Physicist: + 3 INT 
Nomad(Wanderer): + 3 END + 3 HP
Avenger(Bounty Hunter) + 1 DEX + 1 STR/INT

every class now comes with its own perk or item.

Lurker (spy, assassin, Rouge): Gains ability In the Shadows: + 2 to stealth checks and A/D rolls when hidden

Justicar: Gains the ability The Law: Gain + 2 to all A/D rolls against any character that is the opposite alignment of the player (can use magic without an ability)

Outlander: Gains the ability Smooth Talker: Gains a + 3 on bluff/intimidation checks

Engineer/Scrapper: Starts with 2 random blueprints and a standard tool kit

Chosen: Gains 1 magical ability (can use magic without an ability)

Fisticuffs: Gains the ability Dual Wielding: The player can now attack twice per turn. (Once with each hand.)

Brute: Gains the ability Saiyan Blood: When the player is at 25% health or less they gain a + 2 to all A/D rolls.

Animalistic: Gains the ability Beast communication: Can communicate with all beasts. (can use magic without an ability)

Greenseeker: gains the ability One with nature: Able to use plant life for medicinal/offensive use. (can use magic without an ability)

Physicist: Gains the equipment to change radiation into a form of self healing.

Nomad : Gains + 2 to their radiation resistance (can use magic without an ability.)

Avenger: Gain the ability Bloodlust (Level 1) – The player gains a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls to foes below 50% of their maximum Hit Points and an additional +1 bonus to foes below 25% of their maximum Hit Points.

Each time a player levels up they gain HP based on their class and 1 normal point. (A normal point can be used to upgrade a stat, upgrade an ability, or create an ability that is allowed by the DM.

At level ups that end in 5 ( 15,25,35, etc), all players gain 1 additional skill points on top of their normal open point. At level ups that end with 0 (10,20,30,etc), all players gain an additional 1 skill points and 1 ability point on top of the 1 Normal point.

HP Gains per level (after first)

Lurkers (spy, assassin, etc): 1d4+1
Outlander: 1d6 +1
Engineer/Scrapper:1d6 +1
Chosen: 1d4 + 1
fisticuffs: 1d8
Brute: 1d10
Animalistic: 1d8
Physicist: 1d4 + 1
Greenseeker: 1D6 + 1
Nomad(Wanderer): 1D8
Avenger(Bounty Hunter): 1D6 + 1

Beyond the barrier

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