Level: 4
Race: Metal Man
Class: Engineer/Scrapper
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 350
Age: ?
Language: Common
HP 12
STR: 13 (12+1class)
INT: 13 (12+1class)
DEX: 12
END: 12 (Rad resistance: N/A)
Movement Speed: 7/Speaks common and ??

Weapons: Bare hands

Racial: Mechina: This race cannot wear armor. Can upgrade AC by adding metal to their body. They can breath underwater and in areas with no oxygen. They are immune to all gasses/poisons, and takes double damage from electric based attacks. They are too heavy to swim and can never learn how to do magic

Class :Engineer/Scrapper: Starts with 2 random blueprints and a standard tool kit


Anti-magic shell: crank mechanism to create shell. + 3 magic resist

Golden Touch: +1 to loot rolls.

Splinter Drone: Hp equal to Int modifier attack ability causes toxin fangs

  • error message Lazarus* reboot sequence activating * hard drive corrupted* restarting reboot sequence for standard model awakening in a junk yard I was put to work as soon as i was seen. The head of the junkyard was a very smart man and took me in. He noticed punctures in my exoskeleton possibly from a fight. knowing i would be worth lots of money he taught me things like accounting and engineering/scrapping. slowly i learned the difference between the values of the products the junkyard master showed me. i built up a vast knowledge and became one of his best agents at bartering. The junkyard master always had a strange fascination with a metal called tungsten and would hide it in the junkyard as a retirement stash. After many years of working for the junkyard master he passed away and as his children all fought over what he had left behind i knew then i needed to leave or i would be sold as well. that same night i loaded a bag with a couple of trinket he had given me. a pocket watch that has never worked. a small piece of gold for a emergency. I also went and took his tungsten stash not knowing what to do with it but knowing it would be useful at some point. He was a good man and in the end i took his name for myself to show my respect for him.


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