Uther Ironwood


HP 10+3
STR: 12+2+1side +1 point
INT: 10
DEX: 8
END: 10
(Rad resistance: 5)
Movement Speed: 5
Armor Class:




bark shield

Heal pheromone (Level 1): heals 1/4th

bark barrier (level 1): user detaches a piece of himself and creates a bark barrier that protects an ally but deals 1/4th of his health to him as damage

rage pheromone (level 1): Anyone within a 11×11 area becomes enraged by this pheromone. All targets roll an intimidation check. If they succeed the player gains aggro of the enemy’s. (STR Check)

Regenerate (Level 1):If hurt this race gains 1D4 health back at the end of their turn. They take no damage from electric based attacks, but double from fire based. this race can alter their body’s shape. When doing so it exhausts the user. Body morphing goes off and energy scale that is similar to the mana scale.

The Law: Gain + 2 to all A/D rolls against any character that is the opposite alignment of the player (can use magic without an ability)


Uther Ironwood

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