Sliss-Ka Rebel of the Brood


Name: sliss-ka
Level: 4
Race: The Disgraced
Class: Avenger
Height: 5 feet off the ground with a 7 foot tail (12 feet in total)
Weight: ? Lbs
Age: ?
Language: speaks common and ??

Hit Points: 9 (9+)
Strength: 10 ( 9+1 class )
Intelligence: 8
Dexterity: 13 (10+2 points+1class)
Endurance: 11 (10 + 1 class)
Movement Speed: 7
Armor Class: 16 (10 + 5 ability + 1 END)
Radiation Resistance: 5

Avenger(Bounty Hunter) + 1 DEX + 1 STR

Scales along his back of swamp moss black and green with dull yellow triangles pointing down his tail. His underbelly a dark red brown color.



5 Stimpacks



Quarterstaff 1D8 or 1D10 damage



Avenger: Gain the ability Bloodlust (Level 1) – The player gains a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls to foes below 50% of their maximum Hit Points and an additional +1 bonus to foes below 25% of their maximum Hit Points.

Natural defenses (level 1):
All reptiles blood is poisonous . They are now immune to other poisons. If poisoned they now heal X amount of HP equal to the amount of poison, instead of taking the damage. (They are unable to poison themselves with their own blood.)

Possible Skills:

Snake Sense While using the Snake Sense,Roll a D20 using snake senses to see if you are aware of the incoming attack. you get a – 1 to all damage for 1d4 turns.

Snake Fang (Combat)
You can unleash attacks against an opponent that has dropped its guard.
Benefit: While using the Snake Style feat, when an opponent’s attack misses you, you can make an unarmed strike against that opponent as an attack of opportunity. If this attack of opportunity hits, you can spend an immediate action to make another unarmed strike against the same opponent.

Favored Enemy (Combat)
At first level a Ranger selects a type of creature from the favored enemy list. Favored Enemy grants +2 to damage rolls against the chosen creature type.
*because of his time fighting his sister and training others of his brood to fight and the vendetta he has toward them he gets a damage boost to disgraced?)

Quick Lunge (Combat)
Shift one square before attack. (Damage) and knock the target prone. After attack shift back one square.

Pythons Embrace (Combat)
Wrap around enemy and constrict. Initial damage, and sustained damage if they don’t saving throw out of the hold.


Even among the Disgraced not much has been know about the Blight Scales, at least not until the rebel. Even at a young age Sliss-Ka always found himself second to his sister in nearly every way. She IS the largest of the Brood at 30 feet long, with the most unique and beautiful features so naturally the brood mistress would choose her as the one the carry the next generations once she passed. Though half as long as his sister Sliss-Ka was the equally as talented in martial combat as his sister. The duels between his Quaterstaff and her Sai were almost ceremonial to the brood. Though everyone saw his talent on display the brood mother still kept him from leading the hunting party and training them in combat, causing a life of bitterness and resentment to be the foundation of his life.

While out hunting far from his brood and practicing his combat style on his own, Sliss had his first run in with magic. Hiding in plane sight, as was his style, he watched power he had never seen used in unparalleled destructive power Sliss-Ka became curious. Later when asking the brood mother in confidence about what he had saw, knowing how upset she would be for his far wanderings away from the brood, she forbid him from learning anything about magic as she coiled around his body and nearly crushed the life from him. The next weeks as he recovered from broken ribs and cracked bones he told himself that at any cost he would learn about the most destructive force, and one his brood mistress clearly feared, to make the blight scales the most feared and respected of all the disgraced.

The next years of his life were devoted to training and secrecy. Continuing to master his personal combat style to compete against his sister, but to secretly leave his brood in search of more secrets of magic. He saw few examples but the ones he saw brought many more questions and thoughts of other places where people could learn more about magic. There was however one man the came frequently around that Sliss learned the most from. He fought with a lance of sorts and decimated even the creatures Sliss was afraid to fight. Watching time after time Sliss would learn and practice one technique he saw the stranger use. He would be fighting like normal and then with blinding speed and a cloud of smoke dash forward and strike so hard to knock the foe down or slice limbs off only to return to his original position. Years of practice and Sliss never managed to learn this skill as the man did but when he tested his knowledge it to had devastating effects.

Things were never the same for Sliss with the brood mother after the day he inquired about magic, in fact they have only gotten worse. He was removed from the hunting party, marked, and shamed in public by his brothers and sisters, but the only thing they respected about him was his ability to fight with his sister. Years later when dueling his sister once again in the arena as they always had Sliss was pushed to far by her taunts. Hating his position in the brood, the loss of affection from the brood mother, and constant humiliations he received from his sister Sliss-Ka unleashed power the brood had never seen before. As his sister arrogantly moved past where he was hiding Sliss remembered what he had seen the man do, what he had practiced. Still with no magical effect he lashed blindingly forward struck down with his quaterstaff at his sister. Her senses only alerted her that he was there just as his hit was landing. Crushing her left shoulder, a loud wet crunch and a scream of agony none have ever heard from the High sister before the crowd was stunned that one of the brood would strike in a way to disfigure and disgrace her. Sliss-Ka knew what he did, knew he had to leave or her would be killed for Disgracing the next Brood Mother, but before he could He was once again wrapped by the current mother of the brood. With her poison in her fangs she marked him, the mark of death. For any of his Brood to see this on anyone they would kill on sight. She threw him into the streets where her children would oil him and turned to leave for her throne room. As she turned Sliss-Ka vowed to her he would survive his siblings, travel the world and learn the ways of magic, and that he would come back and kill her and his sister and take control of the Brood to make it the most feared of all the Disgraced. The brood mother unable to hear anymore lashed with her tail to crush this tiny child of hers, but in a flash he was gone. No trace of him left, just the sound he would always make before appearing and striking from the shadow, his hissss.

Sliss-Ka Rebel of the Brood

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