Quul-Blu (Blue)

Muck Dweller (fisticuffs):

Movement Speed 8

Speaks common and …

Rad resistance: 6


Hp            8            +2            = 10

STR            11            +1            = 12

INT            10                        = 10

DEX            11                        = 11

END            10            +1            = 11



Aquatic Warrior (Level 1):This race takes no penalty when fighting in water, Can breath underwater, their MS is doubled in the water/heavy rain, and take 1/2 damage from fire damage.


Fisticuffs: can Duel Wielding; The player can now attack twice per turn. (once each hand)



Knuckle Blades (push blades): 1 D8 damage



Blue Flurry:

Blue senses an opening and unleashes a devastating flurry of haymaker punches at his opponent.

Rng: close combat

Attack can only be used if target is below 50% health or grants combat advantage

Damage: 2D8 ?


Pit fighter:

Fighting in one-on-one death matches seems to have paid off

Character gains +2 to defensive rolls/ checks when only one opponent is adjacent to him.


Character Bio


 Quul-blu (Blue)

Height 5’ 8”


Quul-blu, aka Blue, never meant to be much of a surface dwellar, but fate had a different plan for him.  While he and his school of muck dwellars were scrounging the southern beaches for salal berry plants. Although not common in this wasteland, Blue and his school couldn’t resist finding looking for a treat beyond their standard irradiated food. Unfortunately for them, Ghoul muck hunters knew about their little scavenger hunts. This band of muck hunters would hunt down schools of  muck dwellers to sell their parts as ingredients on the black market for… who knows what. This hunt was like any other. Most of the mucks were rounded up and slaughtered on the spot. The only exception made was Blue, who was spared because of two curious blue stripes running down the back of his arms (hence why they give him the name Blue). The ghouls thought, given his unique coloring and fair build, Blue might fetch a better price as a slave to the scrapper pits, an underground fighting ring, and thus Blue’s fate was sealed.


Blue was first used as a gimmick, expected to die in his first few rounds. Fortunately for him, he survived by the slime off his scales and was bought by a ghoul pit manager Frank.  Frank found fights that would keep Blue alive but also toughen him up over time. Sure enough, blue slowly became less of a squishy mucker, and now reflected a toughened pit fighter. He became known for a wild haymaker, that would finish off his opponents time and time again and earned it the nickname of the “blue flurry.”

One day in the not so distant past, Frank was taken from the scrapper pits. The reason was unknown, though there was rumor that he couldn’t use magic, and his fellow managers didn’t see him fit to be on their level anymore.  This left Blue up for grabs, but he saw it as a way out. He was bought bys some other slaver named Turik, but Turik’s men had never dealt with Blue before. When they came to take blue away, he caught them off guard and beat his way out of the pits. Shortly after he left town and started wandering looking for a new place to settle down.  His new surface life was tough, but the pits taught him how to survive.  Wearing his old shackles as a reminder of his trials, he now wanders the lands longing to help those who are struggling to survive. 

During this whole time, Blue grew bitter towards ghouls because of the pain they caused him, but even greater bitterness was brewed towards slavers. In fact, if he catches wind of a slaver, he seemingly goes out of his way to give them trouble.

Quul-Blu (Blue)

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